Where is the Church?

In the days of old…

Great preachers like Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley and George Whitefield would go out into the country side and proclaim the Gospel in loud voices.  God – in His power and purpose would cause great revivals to occur as he directed the faithfulness of these men and those who emulated them.

Today, our nation has become a cesspool of everything that God hates.  Pornography, abortion, lasciviousness and idolatry.  Where are the great preachers who would stand against these abominations?  Where are the men and women who would stand in the public square and proclaim a message of repentance, faith and salvation – who would name sin for what it is and point people to the only cure – Jesus Christ the King.

Imagine a house is on fire and the people who discovered it had dialed 911, but the fire department never showed up.  Imagine a car crash where the police did not arrive to direct traffic to safety and the paramedics did not arrive to care for the victims.

This is the picture of the modern American church.  A fire department that just sits in the firehouse polishing the fire engine while the fires rage outside.  They do all the administrative work that a fire department has to do, but they fail in their duties to save the victims.  The American church is no different…while people are walking, lock step, through the very gates of eternal damnation, the American church is inside the 4 walls of its church building, performing the administrative duties inside…bake sales, prophecy conferences, Sunday service…

But when it comes to reaching the lost – the primary mission – WHERE IS THE CHURCH?

At Watersource Ministries our mission is three-fold:

Preach. Teach. Connect.

Preach – First, we will go into the fire of this lost world and preach the Gospel to every creature. This means that, as we are commanded by Jesus Himself, we conduct Search and Rescue (SAR) missions and try to affect the rescue of souls with the help of the Holy Spirit. Using Gospel tracts, video cameras, props, food, and anything else that we think can draw people out, we cry out a warning to a lost and dying world and in God’s power, show salvation (Jesus) to those who would believe.

Teach – Second, is to teach others to be effective “Spiritual Firefighters.” Using our experience, training, motivation and collected audio/video data, we call up and train other Christians to be effective spiritual firefighters to battle the flames as they seek to save that which is lost…(Matt 18:11).  If you would like to host a Way of the Master class, or the Spiritual Fire Academy, contact us and we will put you in touch with people in your area (fire instructors) who will put the class on for your life group, church, or Bible study. If you would like to just come out and “see how it is done,” please feel free to look at our calendar and find dates for opportunities to go out with our street evangelists and learn how to start and carry conversations with the lost.

Connect – Every good fire department has training programs and a network of firefighter instructors, as well as having “mutual aid agreements” with other fire departments to help when the fire is too big for one department to handle.  Since 2006, we have been using this website as a hub for witnessing activity in Colorado. By linking like-minded ministries (mutual aid agreements), we are able to assist others with the charge of the “Great Commission.” If you have plans to go out witnessing in your town, let us know and we will post it on our calendar for you.

We always welcome more people who are obedient to the call!

Watersource Ministries an Allied Ministry with Living Waters Ambassador’s Alliance. Our leaders are graduates of Living Waters “Ambassador’s Academy” as well as the “School of Biblical Evangelism.”

Pat Hegarty of Watersource Ministries open air preaching on St Patrick’s Day in Olde Towne Square